iGlass clip Stops You from Losing Your Glasses!

There’s nothing worse than losing or mis-placing your eyeglasses. Whether you’re on vacation or around the home, living without glasses ranges from frustrating to nearly impossible. Depending on your prescription, you may not even be able to see to find your glasses without having your glasses! We’ve all been there from time to time. The panic that starts with ‘where are my glasses?’ followed by the frantic running around looking for them. Are they on my head? Did I leave them in the bathroom? the car? where? There are lots of tips to help you remember where your glasses are, but what if you could prevent losing them in the first place?

Losing your eyeglasses is indeed frustrating. It happens to just about everyone who wears them in their lifetime. In order to avoid or minimize the hassle of constantly misplacing or losing your eyeglasses, iGlass clip offers an elegant and simple solution!.

We Keep Losing Our Glasses

Believe it or not, your glasses are typically safer on your face instead of in your shirt pocket. Whether you’re flying through the air on a roller coaster or cruising your neighborhood in a convertible, you are best off wearing your glasses rather than stowing them away in your pocket. Unfortunately, most people who wear glasses suffer from one dire dilemma. They keep losing their glasses all the time. What’s worse is the fact that most of them can’t even find their glasses without their glasses.

We all dread having that ‘where are my glasses’ thought. Believe it or not, sometimes even our favorite frames can vanish right when we need them the most. If you’ve ever ran into this problem, don’t worry. The iGlass clip can help to make sure that it’ll never happen again.

Never Misplace Your Glasses Again!

Losing your glasses can be stressful and a huge waste of time, especially when you need them to see what you’re looking for in the first place. If you’re lucky, they’ll turn up eventually but if not, you’ll have no choice but to fork out for a new pair, which can be expensive. If you’re always losing your glasses, don’t worry, it happens! But do take our tips on board and do something about it.

With iGlass clip, you’ll never be without your glasses again. iGlass clip is one of the easiest ways to avoid losing your glasses. You’ll always know where they are when you take them off because they’re hanging on your person. Glasses strings are not the most fashionable accessory out there, so iGlass clip to the rescue!. Tthey’re available in 18K Gold or Sterling silver plated so you can get one to match every outfit.

NEVER Lose Your Glasses Again!

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Always have your glasses handy with our 18k gold or sterling silver plated iGlass clip. Makes a great gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s, Father’s or Mother’s day, Birthdays or special occasions. FREE shipping included!

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  1. Hi, this is a great article!
    We always manage to lose our eyeglasses whether we are home, traveling or in the car even! iGlass clip is a wonderful product! We have purchased them for our entire family & everyone loves them! Never misplaced glasses in our home ever again, thank you!

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